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Will I get VAC Ban if i install CS : GO skins - A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Will I get VAC Ban if i install CS : GO skins and play MM(matchmaking) or Competetive ?

Please answer fast ...I am worried >:'|
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    I don't think so since some modifications don't work online.
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    Competitive servers will probably have sv_pure 1,it will disable the skins Uninstall them though,sv_pure 1 might leave you with invisible skins But no,it's not bannable in any way
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    VAC is solely intended to ban people who _directly modify the game binary_ (either through injections, or actually editing it). Installing skins does not do this.
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    Thank You Guys !! :D For your advice
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    Of course no..
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    No, skins don`t make you a suspect for VAC.
    Mapper... Well... kinda...
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    Nope they don't, like Birjolaxew already said, vac will only focus on those who altered the game binary/core and skins are models and texture file so that won't change anything to the core, if it would skin sites like these wouldn't really be that popular :p
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