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**Welcome to the League of Legends Megathread! Current topic: Worlds** ================== I'd like to dedicate this Thread to League of Legends and any discussion that may follow.
I shall put up current topics at the top of this post every now and then to hear your thought about anything! Things you can discuss here are not limited to whatever topic I put in the top of the thread but I'd like to hear your thought about the main topic. Things you could discuss include but are not limited to:
  • Your League of Legends username
  • Your favourite streamer
  • Your favourite champion
  • Your preferred role and why
  • Playstyle choices
  • Itemization
    etc. Topic: Worlds ================== I've been following the LCS all season and am very excited to view worlds.
    And by "viewing worlds" I mean staying up till ungodly hours to watch the pro's play.
    What impresses me are the plays players can make where they seem to be dying but straight up winning the 1v2.
    What also impresses me is the dedication and team effort these players have put in to get where they are right now.
    What have you watched and what has impressed you? (Try not to spoil too much for people who haven't watched yet) I've made a spreadsheet to collect pickban data during worlds which can be found here. Don't forget to join the League of Legends club
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