What might be added in future updates

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Here is some stuff i found that might be in a update soon!

While i was looking around in the cube world files i have came across some unused models. So Tell me what you think of them. ![](http://gyazo.com/db469d4fe73de819175821c105d27129.png "") This backpack model might be a new equip or a vanity item. Or it could be a upgrade-able backpack to give you a bigger inv. ![](http://gyazo.com/d55c3ed5751f92cca14d7f5c8c88ba5a.png "") This file was called lantern oil witch might mean we will have to recharge our lamps. ![](http://gyazo.com/928bfebc03f5b70922a3a2444708b7ca.png "") This one was called "key1" There was no key 2 and 3. This might be for new missions in the game or even the story quest. ![](http://gyazo.com/8c3aec47e336ff83530bdbb532bb611d.png "") Now this one is cool or might ruin the game. This could be a picaxe used mine ore to get more or you might be able to mine like in minecraft. ![](http://gyazo.com/b462f4287038ea0a392a44e4224c5e7b.png "") This one is called iron-helmet. This might mean we are going to get helmets in the game. (there are also other kinds of helms they all have same model but are different color. ![](http://gyazo.com/a54b6773f23259ba89a2e409d97dead3.png "") This might mean we will be able to do face emotes. ![](http://gyazo.com/d089ed2f1559e6953bc59a39c64391e1.png "") This is for when you are building houses. Witch he is still working on.


None found


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