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just looking for help im using Gimp2

basically like what the title says, im new to skinning and all things modding. ive checked out videos on you tube which got me started, but i really think i need one on one help, maybe a sort of apprenticeship. right now im currently trying to make a 75th rangers Mogadishu skin but im stuck on how to get get rid of the camo of the regular marine except for the stitches and seams and wrinkles, so my new pattern will still have them. any help would be appreciated, and if your interested in one on one help add m up on steam im mi_trooper42. thanks!


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    I don't use gimp but:

    1. Overlay your new camo texture on a new layer.
    2. Create an opacity layer mask for it, dim the opacity for this layer temporarily to see what's under it.
    3. Erase parts of the mask that are over seams and other detail you want to keep.
    4. Restore new layer opacity back to 100%.
    5. Wonder why it doesn't really look right, and decide to paint on stitching, cloth folds and small detail yourself for best results.
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    thanks, i was actually tried painting on stitches and shadows myself lol but i wanted it to look legit just tried the opacity idea and the stitches are to dark, thanks i think ill paint em myself, many thanks! 8)
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    alright im making good progress on my first ever skin, i have the bdu file finished i think (unsure if i should add a ranger tab or just keep the 'Merican flag itself) right now im working on the vest, i have a good RBA vest but im having trouble finding good pictures of Alice suspenders and belts to use over top of the vest, is there anyway besides drawing that i can get a good texture? also i noticed on the attachments file that there is a Knee pad, you can texture but Ive never seen them in the game, is there a way that i can get that to show up the way it was supposed to be? thanks ill try to upload something within next week. thanks 8D


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