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And Steam trading cards beta!

Ok so I don't know how this happened but I got an e-mail today from Steam that I had extra Dota 2 passes on my account. So I accessed my steam account and saw 30 Dota 2 passes in my inventory. I have decided to give them away to the GameBanana community, if you want one, just reply to this thread or PM me your steam name or send me a friend request on steam. You can find my steam name in my GB profile page. For those who don't believe this:- Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Also I have 3 Steam trading cards beta passes out of which I'll be giving out 2. To get them just reply with a funny/witty reason as to why you should get the pass, and the 2 people whom I find most funniest will get it.


  • 5y
    Join the queue, most people have enough DotA 2 invites for a decent LAN party.

    As for the beta invite, I also have one left myself after I sold one for far below market value for an achievement and the another is still for sale, so I guess if anyone wants it without having to be funny, knock on my door, I only ask of you to use it for yourself, not resell it.

    And it's gone, got a deal on a card to boot.
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  • 5y
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    Well, I had a few invites I gave them away and I forgot to save one for my sisters account, it's not like she really cares about the cards, but I could use her cards to finish my collection SINCE I ONLY GOT HALF THE ONES I NEED. Yeah.

    EDIT: nvm, Devieus got me an invite, thanks anyway!
  • 5y
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    you can have my other 15 if you want.. i have like a sh*tload of gift copies left...

    Just add me on steam: "Source_FilmMaker" is the account name, and there is a Wheatley pic, and my previous name was Wheatley too, so...

    Just add me and get free DotA 2!
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  • 5y
    Hi, Can you send me a gift copy?
    Thanks very much

    Steam Account Name : davixium
    If it doesn't work, try TheOwnerAlpha ;)
  • 5y
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    Do these things have ANY value anymore, or should I just go off and start trashing them out of my inventory.
  • 5y
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    Wow! I never knew that there had been such a huge influx of Dota 2 invites that people don't want them anymore and those who have it don't know what to do with them. Well that's something interesting.
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