Prefabs are being imported without any texture!

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I need help.

Ok, so this doesn't happen always and that is the problem because when this does happen it makes me really angry cause now I have to find texture for the prefabs I have imported. the prefab looks WHITE when I try to compile the compiler gives me the error : 'texture missing'. I know that it doesn't have anything to do with anything being corrupt cause mostly the importing goes smoothly. I think it must be a setting I changed or that im not correctly importing the prefab, thank you!


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    Check if halflife.wad is included in hammer.
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    Yes it is, the prefabs come with texture most of the time. But sometime they just come out white. for example if I import a trashcan then except it being covered in the trash can texture it will be just white.
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    Make sure you've got all the wad files that contain the prefabs textures loaded into Hammer AND make sure that in the drop down box for "Texture group" you have "All Textures" selected. If you have this set to just one texture set, whenever you add a prefab, or even open a map, any texture on the prefab/map that isn't in the current wad file selected (or if "All Textures", isn't in any of the wad files loaded into Hammer) those textures will appear white.

    Hope this helps! Good luck with future mapping.

    here's an excellent resource for goldsource mapping/help:
    and be sure to check the 2 links at the top of that page
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