Help with Morrowind saves please...

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There's no Morrowind section >:l

Well, poop. While playing playing Morrowind I tend to have a habit of deleting my characters in the first 30 minutes of gameplay. Well APPARENTLY Morrowind doesn't allow such things. So being the smart little bunny I am, I opened up the Morrowind directory and looked for the directory called "saves", found it and opened it. There I saw my 2 saves and autosave. I deleted them thinking that was the last of it... Open up Morrowind make a new character and save it. I get off the PC and go do some other pointless thing. Get back, start up Morrowind and click on "Load". Once this happened I got a nice little message that minimizes Morrowind. It says that it could not find the saves that I DELETED and if I wanted to continue the un-executable. I clicked yes and I loaded up the other save. This has been going on for a week now and I'm just about ready to slam my face through my keyboard, cover myself in mayo and pretend I'm a pony. Help me before I lose the little sanity that remains in my body... Please


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