The defenition of Jason Brody(in my opinion)

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(far cry 3)

Jason Brody.... is.... Going through every damn doorway getting hit by a buttstock Stupitidy at its finest. Did Ubisoft ever heard of the word "Check your corners" ? P.S It was developed by CryTek but published by Ubisoft LMAO


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    Wat is dis
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    Jed's HLMV gave me cancer. avatar
    Jed's HLMV gave me cancer.
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    Wikipedia says:
    >Developer(s) Ubisoft Montreal

    >Additional work by:

    >Ubisoft Massive

    >Ubisoft Reflections

    >Ubisoft Shanghai

    >Ubisoft Red Storm

    Sure, the engine (Dunia 2) is developed from an internal CryEngine 2 fork that Ubisoft bought rights to but thats as far as CryTek was ever involved.

    Plus, "Check your corners" is not a word, it's a sentence.
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    If he was more like this "brody" i will like him

    I'm back.
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    > **Posted by Takatalvi**

    > Wat is dis

    I'm just saying that Jason should check his corners unless he wants to get a headache getting hit by a buttstock.

    For example, he gets hit by a buttstock trying to rescue Lisa, and so on and so on.....

    So you should check your radar AND the corners, every nook and cranny checking that no enemy is hiding out there waiting to hit you with his rifle.

    Am I getting myself clear now?
    Fine. Go. Hate on my profile.
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    Ubisoft Massive did the multiplayer.
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