Porting GTAIV DLC Weapons into the regular GTAIV

A Forum Thread for Grand Theft Auto IV

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Im trying to submit a script that will make a DLC weapon be ported into Nikos story because it seems 'Unrealistic' about GTAIV if they added extra's, Any way i can make this happen?

How do i port DLC Weapons into the regular GTAIV?


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    Right first of all, let me teach you how to format a thread.

    **SUBJECT** - Otherwise known as the title, is used to put a short message (Preferably 2-5 words) to attract people into the thread. The more attractive it is, the better. Having a sentence as your subject or title is repulsive and will most likely end up not getting that many views. An example of this would be: "GTAIV DLC content into vanilla", which is a lot better to read than what you currently have.

    **SHORT DESCRIPTION** - I don't know what possesed you to write a sentence in the short description box, but for what it is - its too much information. This box is designed to give a bit more of an insight onto what the title is. So if the title is "GTAIV DLC content into vanilla", then perhaps the short description should be "I require an assistance in porting content" or "Has anyone ported GTA IV content into vanilla?" etc. You do not write a sentence in that box. Whats worse, is that the sentence you've wrote contains more words than the actual content of your post. Thats absolutely disgusting. Speaking of content!

    **CONTENT** - This is where you write your sentences, your paragraphs of words explaining what it is you need help with. No, stop! What are you doing? You don't put an entire essay into the short-description box, **thats fucking madness!** I'm going to leave it on that because I want to get onto the next part **so, so, so god damned much.** And it is completely irrelevant with the way you've formatted things.

    You've put more effort into making this thread than you have trying to search around for answers to your question. It's blatantly obvious, we're just your personal tech support, right? I actually hate this new trend that we have on Gamebanana. Threads that consist of one sentence that usually ends in a question mark. Theres a word that we have in the English language for that: **Lazy.** Absolutly lazy. I hope to high heavens that your mother isn't forced to put your clothes on before you go to school. Enough of the abuse; have you actually tried to make an effort and find out if you can do this yourself? You would have a better feeling of completion if you managed to do what you wanted to do by yourself without having someone guide your hand. At least in terms of content you could tell us what you've done to try and do this yourself, hell I would even be happier if you said "Hello Gamebanana, I've done fucking nothing to try and do this myself, can you be my personal bitch and tell me how to do X and Y?".

    These kind of threads need to stop.


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