I am looking for a specific map from CS/CSS

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Looking for a map with multiple sections that can be chosen

I am looking for a specific CSS map which I cannot remember the name of. I will vaguely describe it and I hope that someone can chime in and maybe provide a link to it. The spawn is a glass room with 4 doors the spawn is in the center of the map. You can choose any of the doors, but once one is chosen the rest shut and everyone must go through that specific door. The map had a specific area per door and behind each door one area with conveyor belts that outlined the perimeter of the rectangular room and it was very easy to die just by being killed by them. I cannot recall any of the other rooms, but I am looking for this specific map or any map that would have this kind of structure. I am looking to create a saxton hale map with separate sections for each hale. I was thinking of employing this type of mechanic with the doors to force players to each part of the themed map to coincide with which random hale has spawned. Thank you in advance, -Wooley


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    From the sounds of it, you're describing a multigame map. Something like that sounds familiar to me, too, but it's been forever since I've played CS:S minigames.


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