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Somebody please help with lighting issue on my map

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

![alt text]( "Problem") What is with the shading? Can someone also tell me how to make an invisible wall that can be shot through but not walked through.


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    if you want light to be smooth or in fact have a good light do this: ==================================================================== 1. Create an entity "light" and place it above the middle of the room. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Edit its properties of "brightness" I think... And change the "brightness" to something like 50-150, depending on how light you want it.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. The text edit field in the light tool will look like this: "255 255 255 200". The first is color Red, the second is color Green and the third is color Blue... the number says how much of the color you want to show... The last number, however, indicates how bright your color would look like... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ### For example: - 50=low lighting lvl - 100=medium lighting lvl - 150=bright lighting lvl... ##### **The bigger the room, the higher brightness value...** Also, if you select the displacement tool, you can select a side you want to cast less light back so it looks like the light cast shadows more realistic.. Try some stuff, and it all depends on how you want the result to be and what you like... ###### -Sincerely Dave Lombardo a.k.a. Tor Odin Hellstrøm
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    If you want to have an invisible wall where players can shot through but not walk through, you just do the brush as the wall you wish and then applicate it with the "playerclip" texture.
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    For the shading:
    Turn the brushwork into func_wall or place them 1 unit above the ground to remove those crazy shadows

    For the wall:
    Find the clip texture. Now make a wall using the clip texture. You will be able to shoot through the wall but not pass through it.
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