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a server hosting the best de/cs custom maps

Hey guys, as I love to play on all those well done custom maps but couldn't find a proper server hosting an appropriate map pool, so I started a little project. It is a public CS:S server (located in middle of Europe) which will host all pretty nice done de/cs maps - for gamers who simply enjoy gaming on those great variaty of maps and mappers to see their maps played online. You can also see it as kind of a tribute to the great work some mappers have done. Maps like nuke, train, dust are not even available there to not attract the standard cs-gamers. At the moment it already has 145 well chosen custom maps. The server is also equipped with a map-rating plugin. Beside that I intentionally didn't connect the server to any stats-tool in order to keep relaxed gaming environment. People can e-mail me feedback and requests and I am persistantly watching for more successful maps to get the unique appropriate map-pool-server missing out there. I know in a few days cs:go will be released and maybe a lot of gamers leave cs:s, but this project will be tested at least a couple of months. I am wondering iff there are some more people out there having fun on such a kind of server. For now it has only 12 slots but will be upgraded if required. .:. .:. M a p - P a r a d i s e .:. .:. Regard, Jack


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