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Risk of vac ban from paranoia and cry of fear?

Hello again guys.I just installed paranoia mod to try it,I played a bit. When I left the game,one of my friends said that I could get vac banned from that because of the file "opengl" thingy. SkyyNet: a friend of mine hot his account VAC banned 5 years ago SkyyNet: he said it was due to the mod SkyyNet: since he didnt cheat at all [NF]๖ۣۜBℓαcк hαภđ: too bad. :/ SkyyNet: but installed the mod SkyyNet: played it SkyyNet: and 3 weeks later he receieved a VAC ban But in a random thread I found these infos. I dont know what the f*ck to believe now.


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    You only get VAC banned if you don't remove the opengl32.dll after playing paranoia, so what i mean is that if you play online with that .dll you have a high probability of getting banned.
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    I vaguely recall something about this. VAC bans were issued because of this modded DLL. It's okay to play PARANOIA with this DLL, but don't play on any other servers while this DLL is in place, as this will issue a VAC ban. To be sure, delete it and uninstall PARANOIA and don't use it.
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    Yeah Paranoia' BSP renderer uses hacked "opengl32.dll" for its maps, so it has improved quality but again you could get banned while playing on other servers.
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    It is only possible if your account is hacked or some kind of server problem.Otherwise everything will go normal as usual.So no need to be panicked and continue your playing. thanks for sharing. Need For Speed, world of warcraft
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    I played it when it first came out and didn't remove anything and never got vac banned, I heard alot of people did, though.
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    You don't have to panic if your account isn't hacked keep playing or do the trick with .dll file which is mentioned the other comment.


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