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A Forum Thread for GameBanana

Alright everyone, the Counter-Life High-Definition Pack is about to be released. We're talking within the next two days, I've been running ahead of schedule and making good time. This is the read me file, I'm going to copy and paste it into the post that way I don't have to sit here and type the features out for 10 minutes straight. **************************************************** HL/CL HIGH-DEFINITION MEDIA PACK: By: SyntaxxSeven(Velasquez,2003) This package contains professional quality high-polygon charactor models for Counter-Life. New sound effects for debris, explosions, ricoches, enviromental effects. New blood, gore and bullet mark effects. New sprites, muzzleflashes, explosions and more. This package also includes models from Valve's High-definition upgrade kit and were included to better round the entire scheme of Half-life and it's enviroments. I almost included some custom weapons for this release but it didn't seem like a good idea as it is a inconvience to users. Most players want to select there own list of custom weapons so I've decided to make this release entirely asthetic to the game itself. Your custom weapons and sounds won't effect this mod. =) **************************************************** *MODELS REPLACED HUMAN: Barney, Gman, Hassassin, Hgrunt, Scientist ALIEN: Agrunt, Bullsquid, Houndeye, Islave, Zombie MECH: Apache, Osprey MISC: Human Giblets, Alien Giblets, Shell Casings I have included two seperate types of high-poly grunts. A Desert Ops and a Jungle Ops Marine. The Jungle Op marines are enabled by default. **************************************************** INSTALLATION: To install this package, simply follow these instructions: IMPORTANT: Delete ANY PAK file currently in your Counter-Life Directory. The default Counter-Life installaion does not require them. The paks that came with beta release 5.5 were of my construction. Please remove them before installing this pack. Unpack all contents into your Half-Life installation directory: C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\ ( Valve default ) This proccess will unpack 4 PAK files into your Counter-Life directory. PAK0 = All models and sounds. PAK1 = Desert Ops Marine Pack PAK2 = Jungle Ops Marine Pack PAK3 = Enhanced Gore Pack Step1 = Rename the file "Skill.cfg" to "Skill.BAK" in your CL Directory. Step2 = Start a game Now, remember. There are two seperate types of Grunts in this package. The default of these two being the Jungle Ops Marine. In order to change grunt types: Step1 = Rename PAk2 to "PAK2BAK" Step2 = Rename PAK1 to"PAK2" Step3 = Start a game **************************************************** ATTENTION! IMPORTANT! The Desert Ops Marines are more powerful then the Jungle Ops Marines. They come equipped with an high-damage, fully automatic AK47/M203 Assault Rifle. Also, The Desert Ops Marines have increased hitpoints, faster movement speeds and will break a boot off in your candy ***. Also, during your first rounds of play prior to this moment of truth - The Assassin's you fought carried only a semi-automatic silenced P228. They are now equipped with fully automatic Ingram MAC-10's and fire like a bat out of hell. It may be a spray and pray weapon, but at close range, you better move your *** like you've got a purpose maggot! This feature was intended for those of you who dawn exceptional FPS shooter skill. Once you beat Half-Life on all three levels of skill, you can try it again with a few brand new high-definition enemies with more powerful weapons and the drive to do nothing more then kick your ***. No cheating! First beat the game with Jungle Ops, then move to the elite arena for postal office, frag happy destruction! :D Good luck & Happy Fragging! - SyntaxxSeven ( John Velasquez ) **************************************************** *CREDITS* MP5-EOD (End Of Days) MP5K Model Attributes: Model: Raven Skin: §ixShooter ***************************** MAC10 (Unsilenced) MAC10 Model Attributes: Model - DC Skin - Sixshooter, Siro ***************************** Automat Kalishnikov 47 AK47 Model Attributes: Model/Mesh: Shrike Skin: Wannabe ***************************** SPECIAL THANKS Gagsy & NecroWraith for the continued the support of this project and testing of this project. I hope you guys enjoy the finished release. All of the Forum attendee's who over the last week and a half have offered suggestions and constructive critocism. Valve Software, Sierra Software, The Counter-Strike Team, The Counter-Life Team.
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    OMG i cant wait, i might even skip the jungle ops and go straight to the desert ops... wooooopeeeeeeeeee :D
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    Thanks for the mention S7, i'm really lookin forward to this release now :D
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