What does next-gen mean?

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What is next generation texturing? is it just dymanic lightning? I wan't too know. it seems like a good goal for texturing.


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    You could try Millenia's new texturing tut at Youtube..

    And as said by Mattias Van Camp in Next Gen Hard Surface,"oh and about the term "next-gen": there's no such thing at the moment, everything is basically current-gen, since other than more polygons there's not a whole lot the industry can evolve into. if anything, indie games are the new next-gen if you ask me :)"
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    Next-gen by itself is pretty much a marketing term. Take a few years back before the XBOX 360 and the PS3 were released, the next-gen(eration) of consoles would be those consoles.

    While the term next-gen textures doesn't really make that much sense as for the moment there really aren't any improvements other than higher resolutions and whatnot on the horizon, what people usually mean by it is high quality texturing, with high resolutions and a lot of shaders to get as close as possible to photorealistic quality.

    > **Posted by HazarD.**

    > Mattias Van Camp

    I wonder how it's going with him. I think he owes me a beer. I should finally sign up on NGHS.
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    It usually refers to having normal maps baked from highpoly mesh and using shaders to do most of the lighting instead of painting it on the diffuse. This is all but "next-gen" in the real world though, it's very much current gen and how things should be done at this time and age.

    True next gen would probably be something along the lines of dynamic raytraced ambient occlusion and the sorts.
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