Gold source games hitboxes problem

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The Gold source games (HL, CS, TS...) usually force to a default construction of hitboxes server side, no matter what skins I made (with a custom hitboxes, custom bones...). Does anyone know, how to disable this? I want server side to enable the real hitboxes, that one the models have when viewed in the Modelviewer. As far as I know, this is only successfully made in CS ZP with an AMX mod code (this don't works for me, 'cos I want it for TS or HL, for example). So, is there any console command or whatever, that makes the model's hitboxes work, or AMX is the only way? Google didn't bring up anything useful. And what's the point of making custom bones and hitboxes, if it's not possible :(


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    Hmmm....Maybe theres other websites where you can find tutorials for this i have no idea on how to do this but good luck
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