Looking for CZ 512x508 handfinal texture

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Hello, kind of weird request, I know it's a longshot but I was wondering if anyone has or can point me to any particular weapon model that has a CZ style hand texture with the dimensions 512x508. I have a model that uses a hand texture with those dimensions but the texture that is on the weapon has some kind of glitch on the texture and is kind of annoying. The model is not on this site and I didn't want to DL a ton of random weapons hoping for the right dimensions. I already checked all the other weapon models I use and they are all 512x510. Thanks


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    What kind of glitch does it show? can you post a pic? it seems that the model is the one causing it but anyways,
    if you want to use another texture, just resize it in GIMP or Paint.NET.
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    I managed to find a similiar texture and fix the problem. Thanks.

    I would have tried resizing the texture but I don't really know how and the few times I tried it caused the texture to lose quality and become discolored. :(
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    The texture maps are either 512x512, 256x256 or 1024x1024, otherwise they won't work at all.
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    You just can resize it on MS Paint. It's WAY easier than the Photoshop or PaintNET for using.


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