Lf a excperiances mod maker

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lf mod maker

looking for a excperianced mod make who can also make maps, custom vehicles, and custom player skins . the amount of money you make depeneds on your work please contact me at stevenollice@yahoo.com or 4074887986 agian looking for excperianced mod maker


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    Normally I let these things just get ignored into oblivion but this is just irritating.

    First, there is a help wanted section in the devhub this belongs in.

    Second, "mod maker" isn't an acceptable term. You need to mention the specific area of development you need help with.

    Third, the areas you list are mostly unrelated to each other meaning no single person will be able to do all of them.

    What you should do is make multiple help wanted posts in the help wanted section of the devhub with details on what work you need done and you should describe what compensation, if any, you are offering. (This does not necessarily mean money, but in the case of money you would want to give some base numbers. If you do not want to give numbers in the public help wanted post, you may discuss it privately but you should make this clear if that is what you intend.)

    You may also want to consider using proper English.
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    dont insult me u creap
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    > **Posted by dr.peppa28**

    > dont insult me u creap

    Wow, really? The guy is trying to give you some advice. Please take it. Learn proper grammar and spelling.

    No one will help you. You provide no information of exactly you want done, or why.

    Please, leave.


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