Free fastdl server for your gamefiles!

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Free fast download server!

Hello guys. When i had a Counter-Strike Source server back in the days i was always trying to find a ftp/web server to host all my gamefiles on like maps/materials/skins/sounds to use sv\_downloadurl: So I've decided to start one up myself and its free to use for anyone who want to use it, BUT only to host gamefiles on like i said before. The server is located in Sweden just so you know. Before i always used but it shut down because of people where uploading other things on there. Here is some connection info:
username: user
password: password
port: 21
url: So create a new directory when you connect to it and name it whatever you want. Inside of that map upload everything!! I hope you know how to use sv\_downloadurl otherwise just ask! and in server.cfg type sv_downloadurl:


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    Would it not be better to offer everyone person that wishes to use your FastDL their own FTP Account?

    That would set them their own directory and prevent other morons from deleting peoples files.

    Just saying..

    Very kind of you otherwise.
    The Contract - Project Manager
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    Just email me @ If you want your own account and i'll create one for you!! But then i want some info about what game ur running and the ip to the server to check its legit :D


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