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Skins on dedi server

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

How do I install skins on a CS server? Do I need a plugin? I have AMX and Metamod if that helps.

Hi, I started running a server recently, and I've tested some skins in CS:CZ and want to use them on my server. How do I install them on my server (HLDS) so that when my friends (and any others - its public) join, their clients download and use the skins? The "ultimate voices" sounds download to their clients and play properly, as do custom maps. Its just the weapon (glock/mp5/grenades/c4) skins and player (t/ct/hostage) skins that are troubling me. From googling, I've found that the problem is probably that the skins (must) have the same name as existing (default) files - so the clients think that they already have them and don't download them. Hence, people suggest that some plug-in would be needed. Does anyone know of a plugin that would handle player skins, weapon skins and (if possible) sounds too? I'm running AMX Mod X and Metamod if that's any help. The server will primarily be played by friends, so download times aren't much of an issue. [edit:] Also, would I be better off posting this in the CS:1.6 forum? I just noticed that this one seems a bit dead. Thanks, --_Stanai_


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    Honestly don't know if CS:CZ/CS1.6 works like this, but if it's like CS:S put sv_pure 2 in the server config.
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    Hi, Thanks. I got bored of googling and looked at the source code for a few random plugins to see what the language is like - I've started work on my own server-side plugin now. It can currently: 1. re-skin weapons (Incl. knife, nades and c4; Models w_*, v_* and p_*) 2. change the knife noises (lightsaber sounds :D) 3. re-skin the players [EDIT: this is done now] It will hopefully also be able to: 4. change the bomb noises If anyone knows of a **server side** plugin that can do things in the last list, please message me (or better yet, email me at {namaste} {at} {}) with the address of where I can download the plugin (or ideally, download its source code). I'll post my plugin with documentation when all features are implemented and tested. --_Stanai_
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    > **Posted by Stanai** > 3. re-skin the players pretty sure Mani-admin can do that, it could when I had a server
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    Free candy. My pants.
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    Plugin complete. Can't replace c4 or weapon sounds (excl. knife) Can replace player, hostage and weapon models Can replace knife sounds Can set bots to one of two models (for t or ct), and set players to one of four models (two for t and two for ct). If anyone wants it, email me: {namaste} {at} {}


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