BF3: Weapons, Vehicles, Perks, etc.

A Forum Thread for Battlefield 3

The Weapons: ============ **Assualtrifles:** M16A4, AK74M, M416, AN94, KH2002, AEK971, F2000. G3, ASVAL **Carbines:** M4A1, AKS74u, SCAR H CQB, G36C, A-91, SG553LB **Machineguns:** M249, RPK-74M, M27 IAR, Pecheneg, M60, M240, Type88 **Sniper Rifles:** Mk11, SVD, SV98, M98B, M40A5, M82A3 **Battlerifles:** M39, SKS **Submachineguns:** P90, MP7, PDR, UMP-45, P90TR, PP200 **Shotguns:** 870MCS, M1014, USAS-12, DAO-12, Saiga 20k **Rocket and Grenade Launchers:** SMAW, RPG-7, Javelin, FIM-92 Stinger, SA-18 IGLA, M136 AT4 **Pistols:** M9, MP443, G17, M1911, T44, MP412, G18, M93R **Ergonomics:** Foregrip, Bipod **Underslung Weaponry:** M320 (40mm grenades, Buckshot, Smoke grenade) and M26 MASS (12 Gauge, Flachettes, frag round, slodi slug) Soldier Equippment ================== Knife, M67 hand grenade, M18 smoke grenade, Medkit, Defibrillators, M15 Anti-Tank mine, Welding tool, EOD Bot, 60mm Mortar, Ammunition box, C4 explosives, M18 Claymores, UG sensors, Raidio Beacon, SOFLAM, MAW Micro UAV Soldier Specializations ======================= (Squad) Sprint boost, (Squad) Flak veest, (Squad) EOD EXPL vest, (Squad) Suppression reduction. (Squad) Marksman training, (Squad) Extra grenade, (Squad) Extra ammo Vehicles ======== **Fast transport:** Growler ITV, VDV Buggy **Armored transport:** HMMWV, G3937 Vodnik **Infantry Fighting Vehicles:** LAV-25, BMP-2M **Mobile AA:** LAV-AD, 9K22 Tunguska-M **Main Battle Tanks:** M1 Abrams, T90 **Scout helicopters:** AH-6J Littlebird, Z-11 W **Transport helicopters:** UH-1Y Venom, KA-60 **Attack helicopters:** AH-1Z Super Cobra, MI-28 Havoc **Fighter jets:** F/A-18E Super Hornet, SU-35BM Flanker-E **Attack jets:** A-10 Thunderbolt, Su-39 **Naval transport:** RHIB **Ampphibious assault:** AAV-7A1 Vehicle Specializations ======================= Coaxial MG, Coaxial HMG, Canister Shells, Guided Shells, Zoom optics, Thermal optics, IR Smoke, Reactive Armore, Maintance, Belt speed, Thermal Camo, Auto Loader, Proximity scan, CITV station, ATGM launcher, APFSDS-T shells, Guided rockets, Air Radar, Heatseekers, Laser painter, TV missle, IR Flares, Extinguisher, ECM jammer, Rocket guidance system, Below radar, Guided missile, Beam scanning



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