Teleport at the beginning of the round.

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Does anyone has a tutorial or a prefab for that?

I need to make a random player teleport, which teleport just one player and just one time per round... Does anyone knows how to do that? Or can anyone just make one for me? Thank you!!


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    Easy, but you can't create **random** teleport. Create one object with trigger texture. click button to entity and create trigger\_teleport. And of course give that trigger\_teleport a name. Next what you need to do is to find in entities info\_teleportdestination and give it a name and place it where you want for player to teleport. Select your trigger\_teleport and you will see teleport destination option, there type the name of your info\_teleportdestination. And select trigger\_teleport go to outputs click add and: On Teleport, your trigger\_teleport, disable, and fire only once. And that's how you do it buddy. If you can't make it, I'll create it for you. :)

    And don't forget to use filter\_activator\_team if you want only Ts or CTs to teleport.
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    Make a trigger\_once activate a point\_teleport. Then make the point\_teleport -> Teleport -> !pvsplayer.

    Edit: This should make it teleport the nearest player, I'm almost certain of. If it doesn't work, you can make the point\_teleport -> Teleport -> !activator.
    That means whoever walks into the trigger_once brush gets teleported to where the point\_teleport is.

    Edit #2: If you want to perfect it even more to make it completely random, put a triggerbrush on each of the 32 player spawns which fires a servercommand to give all the players their own "targetname". Then through a logic_auto (OnMapSpawn or on round start) activate a logic_case (if I remember correctly) which have a case for each player to teleport them using a point_teleport. In theory this should work if I'm not forgetting something.
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