Skin Install PAK01_DIR Missing Textures

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I took a break from skinning in l4d and I come back to this error.

I came back to skin for left 4 dead after a few month break. I did everything I used to, but when I edit the Pak01_dir.vpk file with **NOTEPAD ++** to accommodate the new filename for the skin and save it I get ingame and the skin I made is there. However several other materials seem to be missing, but I did not edit those in the PAK01_DIR file I only edited the pistol parts. I used the Original PAK01_DIR file and backed it up too. I even reinstalled the game, still no luck. THE SKIN I MADE SHOWS UP NO PROBLEM BUT AN ERROR IN THE PAK01_DIR IS MAKING THE TEXTURES APPEAR TO BE MISSING. ###### **PLEASE HELP!** ![v]( "v") ![s]( "s") ![1]( "PIC1") ![k](¤t=l4d_hospital01_apartment0003.jpg "PIC2") ![v]( "v")


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