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Ubisoft customer support - A Forum Thread for GameBanana

Where is it?

I recently purchased a game from Ubisoft and for more than one reason I simply have to get in touch with their customer support. This is the first game of which I can say that a game is truly unplayable, and I'm serious about that claim, most of the time when the actual match starts you just tab out with no way of getting back into the game and when you do actually get in-game your framerate is roughly 5-10 fps even when running on low while I have a quad core at 2.8 ghz and a 1gb GPU. Since I'm talking about a flight sim called Cliffs of Dover you'd expect me to play with a joystick and this is what I had in mind, after changing the settings to accept my joystick the game just doesn't seem to respond to my input when actually flying. You also have a screen where you can pick the outfit of your pilot, look and you can even change some settings like the paint scheme on your plane. This all sounds fine and dandy if it weren't for the fact that the preview is a black screen, this isn't a problem for the seriously specialised WW2 fighter experts that know what the bloody difference is between a Swp 734 Life Vest and a Life Vest Early (FL30156). What I'm pointing out now are just the main flaws, I haven't gotten further than 20 seconds of flight time because it's just not possible to fly any longer without becoming a replacement for 'the angry German kid' So if anyone could redirect me to Ubisoft's customer support, that would be of great help. The only one I found turned out to be some FAQ telling me what Specs I needed in order to play this game (which are not even half of what I have). Thanks for your time.