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Rats maps

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

fans of rats maps

yo. Just wondering if there are still any fans of rats maps out there? There used to be an awesome rats mapping community called They would hold mapping contests and such. Anway, A few of us from that community have re-opened a 24/7 Rats server (North American). We have 3 of the best rats mappers with us again. Ol' Tomobobo - Responsible for: de-rats-ol-rev3 de-rats-ol-bbq de-rats-ol-toms-shack de-rats-2007 de-Rats-2004-Ol-B12 (A remake of De-Rats-2004-Crzy. Props to "Crzy") Ol' Babyface - Responsible for: De-rats-motorhome 1 and 2 de-rats-simpsonskitchen de-rats-garage Cs-Mice-Final (A Remake of a CS 1.6 rats map. Props to Ryan "Nemesis" Gregg) and =KH= Outlander - Responsible for: De-out-rats de-rats-bath de-rats-den Ol'tomobobo has recently finished off a new map (January 2011). An updated version of de_rats_ol_toms_shack. It's got some drastic changes and it much much better. There is also rumor that tomo and babyface will make a brand new rats map. As well everyone pressuring outlander into finishing his last map that never came out. Anyway, if people are still interested in rats maps, we are trying to rebuild what krackhouse rats community once was. we have a small server: (gun game on or off) a steam group: and forums: Lets bring back the rats community!


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    I fucking love rat maps. We need some of those mappers here. But why the hell are you advertising to other forums?
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    Is that a serious question? This forum is video game oriented. People here play css and submit maps, some of them being RATS maps. It's hard to gain a following in a map category that could arguably have cult status. It only makes sense to get the word out there. What better place than somewhere where people might be interested in it? Should I just not advertise it at all and let the server stay dead until some random stumbles across it? And those 3 mappers, most of their maps are on game banana.


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