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Major update

For those who don't know, a major update for Bad Company 2 hauled out recently and added a ton of cool crap, especially new maps. Cold War and Heavy Metal are ports from Single Player and Heavy Metal focuses mostly on vehicle warfare. It's a huge map, trust me, it's big. Oasis is a nice remake of the original for BC1 and is a great rush map. Along with these maps, there are tons of bug fixes from the old patch, most notably bullet traces are back and they have finally fixed the insignias that were unobtainable. Along with all that, they released SPECACT weapons and classes. Reskins of weapons, good for warfare on certain maps and it makes the medics red beret go away. Check it all out, here is the official blog. Discuss how fun the maps are. Map Pack Blog Specact Update Don't forget to pre-order Vietnam, coming out on the 18th for those who pre-order and 21s for those who don't. For 14.99, it's a pretty sweet deal. Vietnam.
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    I kind of don't like the whole pay for skins thing. Mostly because I didn't know about it and hesitated a little trying to figure out why there was a guy wearing green and if I should shoot him or not. The new maps are pretty sweet though.
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