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Hello Id like to know what the BackgroundLayout.txt should be set to for the res: 1920x1080 I just cant figure it out example from 1024X768 ------------------------------------------------------- resolution 1024 768 resource/background/1024_1_a_loading.tga scaled 0 0 resource/background/1024_1_b_loading.tga scaled 256 0 resource/background/1024_1_c_loading.tga scaled 512 0 resource/background/1024_1_d_loading.tga scaled 768 0 resource/background/1024_2_a_loading.tga scaled 0 256 resource/background/1024_2_b_loading.tga scaled 256 256 resource/background/1024_2_c_loading.tga scaled 512 256 resource/background/1024_2_d_loading.tga scaled 768 256 resource/background/1024_3_a_loading.tga scaled 0 512 resource/background/1024_3_b_loading.tga scaled 256 512 resource/background/1024_3_c_loading.tga scaled 512 512 resource/background/1024_3_d_loading.tga scaled 768 512


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    AFAIK CS:CZ has native widescreen support. Simply go into the options and change the screen ratio to 16:9 (it will probably be at 4:3) and then just set your resolution at 1920x1080.
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    I know ho to get the resolution.
    but i need help on creating a costum background for that resolution.

    I got an image I want as my cs background insteed of the standard.
    so far all guides etc I find are for lower resolutions =\
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    Be nice, no hate =]


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