port opforce weapon to cs?

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port weapon model

hello, im a happy owner of counter-strike and opposing force :P after playing these games for a long time, i got very bored of the usual cs weapons. now i think the sniper rifle of opposing force is a beautiful weapon with its looking and behaviour. now i would like to have the sniper rifle for cs (it should replace either scout or awm, awm would be better) and i wonder if some one of you guys is willing to do that for me? :D if not then i would be still interested what i would have to do, to make this possible, maybe you can tell me (what tools do i need, maybe some tutorials etc) here is a download link for the rifle models (sounds included): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5DRT90DU hope you can help me :D


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    For making opfor sniper go to directory in your hl folder and find this files:
    and go to your cs folder
    Rename v_m4a01.mdl and w_m4a01.mdl to v_awp.mdl, w_awp.mdl and replace to cstrike directory

    Sorry for my english I'm not from America or Britain
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    ^ That is the most retarded idea I have ever seen someone have. Really, it is.
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    Yeah, maybe this model can used to scout sniper rifle

    And for mp5 you can use
    models v_9mmar and w_9mmar in \gearbox folder
    to v_mp5 and w_mp5 in \cstrike folder
    Again sorry for my english
    Im from Russia
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    thx for answers
    it really works, but my point was/is that the animations are not displayed properly because they are too different from the awp/scout.
    and now i was wondering if anybody could fit the animations of the opforce sniper to the awp/scout (or at least explain me how to do it)

    you would just need to speed up/slow down the necessary animations and tell the game what animation he has to use, but how?

    thx again for answers :P
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    1-st method:
    Skinning (reskin your model of awp or scout to m40a1)
    or ask me for work :)
    2-nd method:
    Searching in Google (google.com) or FpsBanana ;)
    Or you can port cs sounds to opforce with hd graphics models


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