CPU & GPU for 70 degree C even when idle

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And HDD for 49 degree C,is that REALLY dangerous?

Today,I got some interest in my laptop's temp,but when I saw it,I got SHOCKED. The temps seems really high,and I'm aware about that my laptop WILL melt away like ice. I have a custom cooling fan under it,I think if I don't have that fan,it will as hot as boiled water. Anyone has ideas of solutions? And whether it's dangerous/normal for a laptop or not. Here is the temp meter picture of it: Specs: ACER TravelMate 5530G AMD Turion dual-core mobile 2.0Ghz 1MB L2 cache (RM-70) 3 Gigabytes of 2 RAMs (2GB+1GB.) ATI radeon HD3470 HYBRID X2 256Mb Windows 7 Ultimate version 32-Bit ver. WDC WD2500BEVS-22UST0 ATA Device 250 GB
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    Mine idles at around 60C, had it for a year and a half and still works :D Turion X2 Ultra 2.4GHz btw GPU's (HD3650 & HD3200) idle around 40C for me though, you sure the fan in the laptop is working right?
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    Laptop parts can hit that happily. My laptop (Alienware btw so its nearly entire vents not like a Mac) hits 80C on the GPU and 60C on the Processor. Those are about average for laptops (maybe a bit lower on the CPU) so you're absolutely fine. Safe ranges for my hardware are 105C on the GPU and 90C on the CPU. Short answer: You're fine
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    Damn,I was thought that it will burn like BBQ,thanks for the answers!
    Life is good.
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