How to change the new death animations?

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This thread will be used to post ways to change the new death animations that some players have that are a result of the 2010 "update" The animation is: When a player dies,(suicide, falling, death from guns grenades, etc.) they put their hands by their side, get on their knees, lay on their stomach with their hands on their head. Some may say it's cool, but I don't. Downloading new anims, and putting in a uncensoring script in console did not work to change the anims either. Please post way to fix this, and what doesn't fix this problem.


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    Not 100% sure, but try it:
    violence_xxx 1
    There should be four commands I think, so just type 'violence_'.

    If '1' doesn't work, try '2' or '0' and if that doesn't work try messing around with:
    If it isn't that exactly, it should be similar. Again, try setting it to '1' or '0' or maybe even '2'.

    Bare in mind I'm going on information I've been given, not things I've used myself.


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