Okay, im getting sick of stimulus

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Okay, as one of my birthday gifts, i could buy stimulus if i wanted. I like call of duty, i bought it. A BIG mistake, ever since it was enabled into all playlists, all maps i play is Bailout, Storm, Overgrown, and CRASH. I want to play the original maps, with good ping. But NOOO, theres no way of disabling stimulus package. NO WAY. There's nobody here who has a solution??


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    I just play whatever map is on, not picky.
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    Buy a second copy of MW2. WITHOUT stimulus package.
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    Oh hai.
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    I've had a look around, I don't think it's possible for PC. You could try searching the files in your mw2 directory and deleting the maps manually but I'd recommend a backup.

    edit: actually it would be in the GCF so it probably wouldnt work, have a go lol


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