Express your pissed-off mind from MW2!

A Forum Thread for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Expressing your minds of MW2 and why.

This game is almost unplayable due to some n00bish game design and so on. Such as akimbo guns[Especially for secondary weapons.],overpowered guns,big-ass boring maps,grenade launchers,no dedicated servers for PC...etc Is it possible for people to not to do some noobish things?[Like camping,OneManArmy tubing,nerfing with secondarys...etc] The Multi Player game design is already f*cked enough,they still let this game deteriorates. I'm not bitching about everything,just the people who like to be retards. I'm going to quit this game for some time,the rest might be a heaven,or when I play the game,I fall down in hell. I feel I flushed my 63$ into toliet on this game now. MW2=The biggest nightmare for hardcore/soft FPS gamers. And the last thing that I have to say is: F★ck off IW,your DLC requires 15$. "Spray" your mind bullets into this thread,this game needs to be less-nerfed.


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    pay to play DLC

    maps for fuck sake , what the fuck is that
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    Although I play on a different platform, I don't experience many of the faults you're suggesting their are.

    The DLC on the Playstation store can be used by 5 PS3s, so me and 3 others split the bill between us (which was £15).

    The 'overpowered' akimbos are very rare - the accuracy is shit on akimbo'd weapons and if you're talking about the rangers - they've got two shots each, its not particularly hard to survive.

    All multiplayer games that include grenade launchers and/or sniper rifles have some form of noobtube (AWP for CSS for example).

    One Man Army is useless is my own experience.
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    Despite the bad things mentioned above, I find the game very enjoyable.

    Perhaps even the worst thing is the people bitching about it.
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