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Show your opinions on both games, good or not?

I read a thread on Kotaku about Crysis's graphics. And that got me thinking,Cryisis is a absolutely beautiful game. It is by far the greatest graphical game EVER. Just like the storyline. Alot of people say the Crysis story is like a bunch of 80's movies in a nutshell. But it seemed better then the usual run-and-gun crap that everyone does.(When it comes to FPS gaming, at least.) The game actually made me feel as though I was on a island filled with Koreans and aliens, and the voice acting was no different. The voice actors whispered at times, showing they were attempting to remain unseen. Instead of the usual "OH MY GOD YOU GUYS IM OVER AT THE BIG TREE!" The game is great. But the gameplay? I personally, did not like it. Although at times it was fun having to cloak and run past enemies, it just seemed rather.. dull. The controls were comprehensible, but it almost seemed like at times, your character was TOO powerful. The wide assortment of guns was great, but it seemed they ALL had the same attachments. I would have liked for a certain gun to have a.. ACOG sight or something. Instead they all had the same options. Once again, dont get me wrong , the game is beautiful and entertaining at times. But it just seemed bland. So give me your opinion. Was Crysis good? Do you think Crysis 2 will be worth the wait? Oh, and also please dont go into detail about parts near the ending of the game, I was unable to get very far through it before my video card broke.
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