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mygmodloading times before and after

so i recently bought gmod with the counterstrike source but first let me explain. i never just go online and just buy a game, i like to make sure my moneys well spent. so b4 buying gmod i looked up funny youtube vids and gameplay but wasnt convinced so downloaded a standalone(pirated) version and TON'S of addons and the game ran great, just about every addon worked but no online play so i decided it was well worth the 25$ price. so i buy the game thinking ill copy over my addons folder and bam it should work right? wrong. the first thing i do is create a single player game like normal and it took 25 minutes. WTF, 25 MINUTES?!?! i try an online game and same deal aside from downloading the necessary server files. so i decided to update my files or whatever thinking itll work and be easier to at least join games bt no. after that it took even longer, blocked me from using any of my sweps and caused a whole list of other problems and through fix's here and there i got the addons completely working but the game still takes 25-30 minutes to start an offline game with and without my addons so i ask whoever it is who's running the show, why would i pay for a game that runs 10x worse then the pirated vesion? for the online play? yea well that doesnt seems to be working either so i guess im left with forum hop for the next 3 months to find a working solution or continue wait half an hour every time i wunna change maps. -a very unsatisfied customer
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    You could try verify and defrag Garry's Mod content on Steam. To do this, right click Garry's Mod on your My Games list and select properties. Select Local Files tab and there you have options to verify and defrag. Does it work faster now?
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    i got it working at regular speeds after INTENSE forum hopping. turns out some of the svn files in the recent updates butcher the loading time so i found some svn remover that was more then easy to run and it seems to work great. money well spent after all ;)
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