lua bone animations not working

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lua bone animations not working

Hey guys :DD I want to make some animations on gmod but i have problem. and i really need your help. Here are the steps i followed: 1.Downloaded the extra files from that thread(feel free to check it out): dl link: *The files included in the .zip are: ----------------- boneanimlib.lua cl_boneanimlib.lua sh_boneanimlib.lua ---------------- 2.Extract all of them into: Steam/SteamApps/"Myaccountname"/garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/autorun 3.Type in console while ingame: lua_openscript_cl autorun/cl_boneanimlib.lua console wrote: Running script autorun/boneanimlib.lua... -BUT NOTHING HAPPEND i aslo turn to thirdpesron as i read at the thread but i still couldnt see the menu(like this---> *Im new to gmod so maybe i made a mistake somewhere idk... If you know something more than i do plz let me know, i would really appreciate it!(im waiting...) Sorry if my english are not the best.Thank you!!! Sam.


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