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A Forum Thread for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

It's no secret that in COD:MW2, you die quite a lot. It is a game that takes a lot of playing over and over, each map, to understand how to predict where people will be. Knowing where they are before hand is what will give you the advantage over the other players. This thread is to be used to help new players, or even season players, learn some new tips and tricks to being successful in COD:MW2 and seeing those high killstreaks. Here is my usual non-gimmick kit: Primary: RPD - Grip Secondary: Spas-12 - Grip Equipment: Claymore Special Grenade: Stun Grenade Perk 1: Scavenger Pro Perk 2: Stopping Power Pro Perk 3: Commando Pro / Ninja Pro / SitRep Pro / Steady Aim Pro Killstreak Rewards: Predator Missile Harrier Strike Pave Low Why use these killstreaks? I personally use these killstreaks because they are great for seeing a high KD ratio. You simply need to get 5 kills in a row (very easy while camping in these spots I later list), get a kill with your predator missile, get 1 more kill, deploy harriers and wait until you get your Pave Low while you continue to camp. Deploy the Pave Low AFTER the harriers are gone to continue the rape. Whay makes this build great? Play style. Plain and simple. This build is build completely around camping and defending. I normally play domination. The reason you will be using the RPD and stopping power is because with that combination, you will kill enemies with 2 bullets no matter where they hit them, from any range. The grip is used to increase the range on the gun which is slightly mediocre. Your claymore is to be used to prevent people from running up on you while you camp. Stun grenades are used because they should be used in every single build you make, they are the best. Scavenger is your first perk simple because people WILL eventually come head hunting for you after you kill them a few times, chances are they will run over your claymore and die or you can crank your sound and hear them coming a million miles away and kill them. Picking up more ammo and extra claymores to lay on more entrances is useful for you. As you can see above your Perk 3 is not exactly all that important. I personally use Steady Aim pro because it helps when people run up on me and I don't have time to ADS. SitRep Pro is useful if you have headphones and can crank the sound up to hear for incoming enemies. Ninja Pro is great for staying off heartbeat sensors which is only needed depending on what map you are playing on. Camping Spots / Claymore Placement: Now I only had time to screen shot a handful of maps and can finish up a final guide later on when it isn't so late at night but here are a few good spots. These are generally only useful in domination where you know where they are spawning and coming from. Skidrow Camping Spot 1 Claymore Placement 1 Kill people running through here Camping Spot 2 Claymore Placement Kill people running here Kill people running here -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub Base Camping Spot 1 Claymore Placement 1 Kill people running through here Camping Spot 2 / Kill people running through the middle Claymore Placement 2 Camping Spot 3 / Kill people running through the middle Claymore Placement 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Karachi Camping Spot / Claymore Placement Kill people running into the center (B) Kill people running over to C --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be able to give a more in depth guide later. But until then, share your COD secrets for others!


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    Best strategy is flanking and counter-camping. Since most people will camp at the same spot. Just avoid open areas and don't always take the shortest route.
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    Classic, absolutely classic and effective shit... I used the RPD aswell but with Bling, attaching grip and silencer.
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