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ok i am semi-new to sdk, i have made it so that their are 15 blocks and whenever i click on 1 block it selects all (so it acts as 1 item) how do i make it so that i can ungroup them so that i can single each block out


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    Ctrl+W works for me :)
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    Another way to ungroup blocks is to ignore grouping. You can turn grouping on or off from the top right corner of your hammer editor interface. I suggest that you keep groups off for most work. With large-scale multi-brush entities, however, grouping is a great way to do things a little faster. Good luck mapping. If you need further help, just ask.
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    In the toolbar at the top there's three buttons for grouping. One is two boxes in/next to each other, the one next to it is two boxes with a line in between them and the last has the letters "ig" on it. The first groups brushes, the second ungroups them and the third toggles ignoring grouping. If you've made several brushes into an entity and want to edit a single one of them, ungrouping won't work. This is where the ignore groups feature is useful. Turn that on (ctrl+w or click the ig button) and you'll be able to select those brushes individually. Turn it back off and it'll go back to selecting them all.


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