TF2 in Gmod 9

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Hello i have tf2 models (spy red,spy blue,sniper red) from css and i do folder in gmod 9 mods inside this folder is Modinfo : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "ModInfo" { "name" "Team Fortess 2" "version" "1.0" "author_name" "MWK Joker,MWK Matrix PRO PL" "Email" "" } ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- settings-menu_props_TF2- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // # = ragdoll // : = car // ! = effect // ' = sprite // ~/@ = label // = = run console command "TF2" { "~Red team" "" "#Spy_red" "models/spy_red.mdl" "#Sniper" "models/sniper_red.mdl" "~Blue team" "" "#Spy_blue" "models/spy_blue.mdl" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- materials: sniper_red (sniper_head.vmt,sniper_head.vtf,sniper_head_n.vtf,sniper_lens.vtf,sniper_lens_specular.vtf,sniper_n.vtf,sniper_red.vtf,sniper_red.vmt), spy_blue (eyes.vmt,eyes.vtf,spy_blue.vmt,spy_blue.vtf,spy_head_blue.vmt,spy_head_blue.vtf,spy_n.vtf,spy_head_n.vtf), spy_red (eyes.vmt,eyes.vtf,spy_head_n.vtf,spy_head_red.vmt,spy_n,spy_red.vtf,spy_red.vmt) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- models: sniper_red (sniper_red.vvd,sniper_red.mdl,sniper_red.phy,sniper_red.dx90.vtx,sniper_red.dx80.vtx) spy_red (spy_red.sw.vtx,spy_red.vvd,spy_red.mdl,spy_red.phy,spy_red.dx90.vtx,spy_red.dx80.vtx) spy_blue (spy_blue.sw.vtx,spy_blue.vvd,spy_blue.mdl,spy_blue.phy,spy_blue.dx90.vtx,spy_blue.dx80.vtx) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But it not work i don't know why can you help?


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    Well first of all gmod 9 in on the old hl2 engine, not the orange box engine so it wont work

    would be a better idea just to buy gmod 10 for 10 bucks
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    But this models working on css this game is on hl2 engine yes? So why not work on gmod 9?

    and i maybe buy gmod 10 but not now
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    It just won't work, you need the new gmod.
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    Injury ;[
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    Posted by VorteX97Wwa

    But this models working on css this game is on hl2 engine yes? So why not work on gmod 9?

    CS:S uses EP1 engine (2006 update to HL2 engine, adding stuff like phong shading) whereas Gmod 9 still uses the original HL2 engine from 2004.
    Gmod 10, however, uses the Orange Box engine, dubbed Source Engine 14.
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