Creating entities at dev console

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how to create an entity over the console of MW2

Hi all players, I am using the LoaderX.exe from AgentGOD that activate The Dev Console Unlocker for PC v1.1, is there any command that create an M5 minigun turret ??? the command "give" give you any weapon you write, but the M5 turrets are not weapons on the game, instead they are entities, I know the entity name for the M5 its misc_turret, but I can't find any code to create additional turrets on the single player game. any help whit this will be really appreciated, many thanks in advance. Rey.


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    Hey hey hye how did you get the console
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    I'm not sure, but i don't think it's possible
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    Posted by satzeN

    I'm not sure, but i don't think it's possible

    It's actually relatively simple, just involves editing a few files in the source files

    OT: As far as I know entities are map generated not client so I don't think you can spawn them without some elaborate work around, don't take my word for it though
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