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Css skin Searched

Hello Seeking a Grim Reaper skin man with a scythe. I have found a similar Skinn but unfortunately without scythe. Look here.[url][/url] Here is a small building such as the skin will look like. It is a simple skin with a scythe. [url][/url] It is a Zombieskinn. I've seen the Skinn on a server so I would like to have it. Vllt has someone as a skin and puts it to download. Thank you very much mfg RoOF


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    Ok, what I could make up from your request is that you're looking for a Grim Reaper, but that you don't like the one from S-Low

    Techknow has one, but it's for the humans, even though I suppose it shouldn't be to hard to make it for the zombies.
    Grim Reaper
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    Thank you!!!! that one have I searched


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