Inviseble Ragdolls, Help!

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Need Help With Inviseble Rggdolls (excuse my bad grammer)

( if my grammer is not good forgive me, im swedish so im not perfect on english, but hey no one is perfect right? ) ok so i need some help here. i tried to get some ragdolls of some mario char to Gmod9 i got a couple of ragdolls in the game and they work perfecly ( they are from this site, great site :D ) but one ragdoll of birdo ( please lets not talk about her gender ) Apears inviseble. its suppose to be used on gmod 10, if i could i wuld buy it but my parents dont want to let me for some reaosn... but i saw a vid how to use ragdolls for gmod 10 to be used it gmod 9. i can see the shadow of the ragdoll but its compleatly transparent. so can anybody help and tell me what i shold do? or could maybe someone make an birdo for Gmod9 and put it for download for this site? either way thanks for you support! ( btw im new here, and it seems like a cool site )


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    Not all gmod10 ragdolls/props will work in gmod9 sadly, i know this from experience.
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    I have a feeling I've come across this before but I cant remember whether it was a model or skin error. Sorry I cant provide much help.
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    @ShouGunner Thanks Anyaway
    the problemis that the ragdoll is inviseble
    i can spawn it and pose it, but its kinda hard posing somethig when you cant see it
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    Sounds like a material issue.

    The model is fine, if he is able to pose it and it collides with the ground, then it has a model and collision mesh.

    It must be material based.
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    In b4 buy gmod 10

    's mostly the solution for all your Gmod Problems.
    Metal is forever
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    Boiler Rat@ i see.
    so any suggestions to fix the materials?
    either way thanks for letting me know the problem.

    Das Otto@ if i could i definitly would had gmod 10/11 atm, but sadly my parents wont allow me to buy it.
    eitther someone need to help fix the problem or i need to wait untill i get a credit card.


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