Unexplainable Lag

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What the motherfuck seriously.

Ok so I have been playing all last weekend and throughout the week no problems, then one of my saves corrupted, so I tryed reinstalling so it could stop it from happening again. Now when I play I get terrible framerate lag and sometimes when I enter V.A.T.S. the game crashes. While it was working fine a few days ago I was playing on Ultra settings with max AA and AF with a resolution of 1980 x 1200. Now even with no AA or AF and a resolution of 1024 x 960 I get really bad lag. Ive checked and I dont have any other processes running. I really would like some help with this, as quickly as possible please.


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    Just revert back to one of your previous save files?
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    Are you having issues with any other games on similar settings? All I can recommend from this information is update your Graphics Card drivers.
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    If it doesn't occur with any other games its probably some software fault. If you have it trough steam verify the file integrity and defragment the files and all that jibjab, if not, try doing a clean install of it (Delete fucking everything related to the game and install it)
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