M4 Med w/ an EOTEch???

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I've seen this before....

I saw this skin and thought it would add an EOTech to the M4 Med version...the one with the vert. grip.... http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/48735 Instead, it didn't change anything at all.... Was there an update that had this in it, or was it an already hacked model?


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    I think the mod creators made it so that you can't have stuff like that.
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    No holographic/aimpoint sights on iron sight models. Which means if the default weapon uses iron sights, you're not aloud to use any form of electronic sight.

    For some reason it gives you an advantage because you have a larger field of view and because other players don't have what you have. If you can hack/compile then you can do it, just don't tell anyone ;)
    Sir douchebag...


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