Reliable assault rifle

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I've been using the m4 for 3 years and i don't think i liked it it has good accuracy but damage,no so i've setup a list for you guys to comment which one's best (without the m4) 1.Galil 2.Famas 3.Ak47 4.Aug 5.Sg552


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    I like tu use ak47.
    for me it is the best rifle in cs:s
    but sometimes i use galil.
    it depends on who i playing with.
    and if get really bored and wanna go into kamikaze action i will use galil, it have extra 5 bullet.
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    HEY! guess what?? Keep guessin
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    Well for me it goes:

    1. M4
    2. Ak
    3. Famas
    4. Galil
    5. Aug

    I know M4 isn't on your list but it's still capable of putting an enemy down at range in 2 shots and yet incredibly accurate at close range with a great rate of fire. In matches I always reach for an M4
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