how do i create an easy gg map???

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how do i create an easy gg map??? happy for a movie tutorial :D


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    Srry, I meant server :D
    CS:S mapper looking for a stud
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    Now I got no idea for the server, but just a quick tip for you: Edit your first post instead of posting a new one. There is this little icon just above your message, that's green and looks like a wrench or something. It's also known as "Edit" and got awesome magic powers!
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    Well if you mean server then well... Good luck.

    Making a good server isn't assured. You have to entice people to join your server and make it unique.... I can't show you a video but I can give you some tips...
    • Administration - Don't abuse powers because you will drive away potential regulars.
    • Mods - Gungame with Deathmatch is fun, adding the 2 mods together always get's people visiting.
    • 66 Tick is fine but if you can afford it 100Tick servers will bring in a crowd and works well if your not surfing.
    • Keep mods to a minimum, only put things on that you need as to many cause lag and look ugly with the spam of advertisements they bring.
    • Keep your mapcycle short maybe 5-10 maps tops but this depends on how long the rounds are before changing. - Keep your map cycle upto date with newer but good maps to get regulars
    • Fast downloads will always get people coming in - Bz2 compression, look it up it's good.

    If you need any help on finding a host or just general questions just message me on my profile or PM me.
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    Ok, thx.
    CS:S mapper looking for a stud


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