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Hammer: How to compare two buttons?

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I have a made a CSS map in Hammer, now I have a question. But I am not sure where to post it. So I posted it here. I want to compare 5 func_buttons, if they are all damaged then I want to a portal to be activated. So before all five buttons are damaged nothing happens, after that the portal works fine. 1. I almost know how to do it with one button, go to output. Select My output named: OnDamaged, then select Targets entitie named: portal1, and then I don't know wich one to select at Via this input? So the portal1 (wich is Start disabled: yes) will be enabled. 2. And is it possible to enable the portal only if five buttons are damaged?


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    You can use a math_counter to do what you want. Have each button add 1 to the counter when damaged and give the math_counter an output when it reaches 5 to enable the portal.
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