Cz game wont start after load

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game loads but goes back to start screen

if someone already wrote a thread about this sry, the search thing is confusing, but my game condition zero randomly after months of playing just decided not to load the game after i get into the loading the map screen and everything, it just returns to the original screen of the game with the the 2 guys with a gun and play cz option. someone plz tell me what to do, (note my counter strike game works just not cz for some reason) thank you can someone please help thankyou!!


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    Do you download some skins?
    maybe you forgot mp_consistency 0
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    Back and Still Dead.
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    Henry Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    If not your computer cannot support this game...
    go to find the cscz system equipment and update your computer....
    just do it...
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    Anon156 Offline
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    Are you able to play it before?
    Did you downloaded some skins before? If yes,type ` in the main menu to activate the console,then type in mp_consistency 0 everytime you want to play CZ.If it does not work,try to reinstall the game.
    wut ata fuak?!
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    tjiang93 Offline
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    Ty guys i got it, it was a skin problem with one of the guns.


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