Single Player and Spec Ops won't start

A Forum Thread for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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ok I just bought it today and first I played single player for a while then Spec Ops and then I started playing multiplayer for about an hour or so and then I wanted to go play Spec Ops. After I tried to start the regular MW2 and it brought up that it was launching it but then in the corner of my screen it said steam synchronizing and it took the launching indicator away and didn't start and after that I kept trying but it wouldn't work. So can anyone tell me what to do or is there anybody that has experienced this before?


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    Restart Steam, that happens to me if I leave Steam running for a while, for some reason.
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    Sorry to reply so late after your post but I've tried that many times but when I restart it and try to play MW2 it still does the same thing.
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    Try to reinstall the game.
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    this site is dead
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    Ok im going to try it right now
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    I have the same problem. Sometimes when I want to start the game, it says synchronizing but after about 1 minute it shows a message that it failed to synchronize. I can click "Play game", so I'm cool with that. Let us know if it changed after reinstalling. Would love to know that so that I can do the same...
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    Yah but when I launched it it asked me if I wanted to start it in "Safe Mode" so I did but I had to up the resolution.


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