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A question and an download.

Hello there FPSBanana Users i came here to tell you about a really old mod for Half life called : Action Half Life [AHL] A big selection of weapons,many player models and of course slow motion diving ! Action Half life is a Fast Packed First Person Shooter which lets you slow dive and head shot other people when you're using 2 pistols at the same time with many knowen action movie actors You will surely have fun playing this. Sadly most downloads died a long time ago.Lucky me i found a working and live download of AHL v1 the link: http://www.fileshack.com/file.x/3953/Action+Half-Life+1.0+-+Windows Any steam users could play on-line people with out steam would be able to play all of half life with the features of AHL. I found out this problem of mine every time i try to open a server of my own off-line with bots but when it reachs the last process [parsing server info] it throws me back to the main screen and when i look in the console it give me this error above: LAN Servers are restriced to local clients [class C]. I still haven't found out the way to solve this problem and i really hope i would find out. People who want to play through half life with AHL features and weapons will have to do so: Turn on half life. Switch to Action Half Life. Open the Console. Type in one of the maps name,exmple: c4a1 [Xen starting] you'll have to hook you're self up with hacks then Open the console again and type in /Sv_cheats 1. after that type in /Impulse 101 WITHOUT the slash [same about sv_cheats] i have this error with the cheats after i type in both it doesn't give me the weapons after i die, it gives every thing.You should type in the config bind "[" "load quick" bind "]" "save quick" So you could load and save quickly because you will not be able to load the game like the normal half life. Download And Enjoy. Assassin255 ^_^ *EDIT* Updated link that makes you play AHL with bots and it isn't v1 ! http://www.ministryofaction.net/MoA-orig/ well again enjoy :D


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