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Resolution zap problems.

Half a year ago,I tried messing around with the graphical settings and boy, was I regretting it. I fixed it through the Advanced settings but it had a small problem before it would switch back to my resolution. Everytime I played, it would load for 3 minutes and suddenly zap to a smaller portion of the starting screen (Top left) and I would have to Alt+Tab at least once to the Steam program and Alt+Tab back to the game to normal resolution. After the switch, if I Alt+Tab again it would remain the same when I switched back to the game without any problems. But now, it seems like its gotten worse, causing an error that freezes my computer if I didn't Alt+Tab away before the Steam Window showed and also doing the same whenever I quit the game. Failing to Alt+Tab gives me a black, black and white (like two triangles), black and purple, black and pink and also black and pale yelow screens. So, now that you read that story up there. Mind helping out?



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